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Carey Meadows, Ashmill, Ashwater, Beaworthy, North Devon, EX21 5HA

Lahaina UK has been established to assist up and coming artists including vocalists and musicians of all genre's on the road to success.

We are looking for genuine artists to release singles and albums.
If you think you have star potential give us a call.

We are fully aware of the amount of time, effort and dedication it takes to produce material for evaluation and therefore undertake to listen to everything submitted and reply with our comments.

If we feel that your music has commercial potential we will forward this to our various contacts within the Music Scene including Distributors, Pluggers and Heads of Music at Radio stations etc.

Before doing this we make sure that all material submitted is of commercial quality.
We would invite artists to have their work fully mastered and enhanced if necessary.
We have our own in-house fully equipped 24 track recording and mastering studio offering a quick turnaround of your material which will be returned for your approval.

It is a fact that most of the tracks sent to us have not been mastered - not surprising - most home studios don't have the specialised equipment necessary.

We will accept tracks on CD, mini-disc or tape cassette for evaluation and these will not normally be returned due to pressure of work.
When we receive a positive interest from Heads of Music etc a commercial package must be prepared and this includes glass mastering the CD, labelling and preparing the graphics for the booklet and adding barcodes etc.  Minimum quantity is 1000 copies as many of these will be distributed by pluggers for maximum impact.

Plugging is by: Phil Gibbs of "Phil Gibbs Promotes London"

Remember, never underestimate your talent - you never know!

We are members of the MCPS and PPL and all tracks commercially prepared will be submitted to MCPS for processing and data protection.

MCPS member No. 283774919 - PPL Member No. 0103992731
Lahaina UK
Carey Meadows, Ashmill, Ashwater, Beaworthy, North Devon, EX21 5HA
Tel +44 (0)1409 211148

For guitar TAB please contact Tony Clout.

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